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What's better than enjoying a lunch or dinner full of flavors made in Puglia?

For you we have created a special BOX consisting of:

- Orecchiette

- Homemade tomato puree

- Peppers stuffed with tuna

- Roll sweets

- Homemade Taralli

- Natural olives

The story of Puggia
Michael & Thomas

The passion of two lovers of their land , of its products, released in a few hours under the sun, between a bath and a fresh beer.

Handmade Taralli CASERECCI of 400 gr.Handmade Taralli 10 CEREALS of 400 gr.Handmade Taralli ONION 400 gr.Handmade Taralli WITH FENNEL 400 gr.Handmade Taralli PIZZAIOLA 400 gr.


Homemade taralli

Genuine and homemade products that arrive in your homes from the hands of tradition.


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They choose their best raw materials and transform them into exceptional products that combine tradition and innovation. Only those who love Puglia so passionately can transfer this love, closed in a box, into every single product.

Pugghia is all of this.


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BOX “A TAVOLA” - Pugghia


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Our "A Tavola" box is a selection of gourmet products that will allow you to taste authentic Apulian specialties.

This box contains a combination of local delicacies, including:

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO) 0.500 ml: A high quality extra virgin olive oil, obtained from selected and cold pressed olives. This oil is characterized by a fruity and aromatic taste, perfect for dressing salads, vegetables, pasta and other dishes.

  2. Homemade Taralli 200 gr : Taralli are delicious savory snacks, typical of the Italian tradition. Made with flour, extra virgin olive oil, white wine, these homemade taralli have a crumbly texture and an irresistible flavour. They are perfect to be enjoyed alone or combined with cheeses and salami.

  3. Tomato sauce 500 gr : Tomato sauce is an essential ingredient in Italian cuisine. This sauce, made with ripe tomatoes and other quality ingredients, offers a rich taste and an authentic aroma. It is ideal for seasoning pasta, pizza and other culinary preparations.

  4. Orecchiette made in Puglia 500 gr: Orecchiette are a traditional Apulian pasta, with a characteristic "ear" shape. Made with durum wheat semolina and water, these orecchiette have a firm texture and excellent ability to hold seasonings. They are perfect for creating tasty and authentic pasta dishes.

  5. Peppers stuffed with tuna 314 gr: Peppers stuffed with tuna are a delicious and tempting appetizer. The sweet peppers are stuffed with quality tuna, seasoned with fine ingredients and preserved in extra virgin olive oil. They offer a mix of flavors that blend harmoniously.

  6. Natural olives in brine 314 gr : Natural olives are a classic Italian appetizer. These olives are harvested and preserved in a light brine, keeping their authentic flavor intact. They are an excellent addition to the table, ideal for aperitifs or to enrich salads and Mediterranean dishes.

  7. Sweet taralli with white wine 200 gr: The sweet taralli with white wine are crunchy and fragrant biscuits. Prepared with flour, sugar, white wine and flavourings, these sweet taralli are perfect for ending a meal with a touch of sweetness. They go well with a cup of tea or coffee.

Our "A Tavola" box is a complete culinary experience that allows you to savor a selection of high quality products, representative of the different Italian regions. This combination of authentic flavors will make your meals even more special and will make you travel to PUGLIA.


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