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Tommaso, Michele and Pugghia!

Michele and Tommaso are as I have described them. They have always had a passion for their land.
And it is to this land, which he cannot do without, that Tommaso decides to return.

chi siamo

Puglia has the ability to make you feel in the right place, in your right place. And when you feel the need to convey Puglia to those around you, that's when you understand that you have to do something.

Yes but what, and how?

A coincidence was enough. Two families, with a beach house facing each other.

The families of Michele and Tommaso have always been together, a historic union that has allowed these 2 children to grow up together and to find themselves in 2014 under an umbrella making plans.

They told each other what was happening, they took a beer, the icy one where every droplet slides under the August sun, from the neck of the bottle to the boiling sand… and they talked.

Here it is, the passion of two lovers of their land, of its products, released in a few hours under the sun, between a bath and a cold beer.

If you now think you know Tommaso and Michele, that's right. Pugghia was born because it could not not be born. Pugghia are Tommaso and Michele. Pugghia are the genuine and homemade products that arrive in your homes from the hands of tradition.

Why choose Pugghia products?

Because Michele and Tommaso send you the package from below, just as they would send it to family and friends located throughout Italy and Europe.

They choose their best raw materials and transform them into exceptional products that combine tradition and innovation. Only those who love Puglia so passionately can transfer this love, closed in a box, into every single product.

Pugghia is all of this.

It is their whole story and you will find it again with every taste. Through Pugghia products, we will take you on a journey through Apulian history, traditions and gastronomy.