Millefeuille of capocollo with fantasy of vegetables in oil, sweet gorgonzola and crumbs of mixed taralli


  • 12 slices of Murgia capocollo
  • about 200 gr of drained vegetables in oil, mushrooms, dried tomatoes, artichokes, aubergines
  • About 100 g of sweet Gorgonzola
  • 150 g of mixed taralli
  • 50 gr of Vincotto or balsamic glaze
  • 80 g of mixed Novella salad
  • Salt to taste

Toast the slices of capocollo in the oven at 190° for 4/5 minutes or in a non-stick pan, to make them crispy.
When they are warm, divide them 3 per plate.
Spread the gorgonzola and create a millefeuille alternating with the pickles.
Decorate with Novella salad and mixed taralli crumbs, drops of vincotto and salt to taste.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe proposed by Chef Giorgio Gianni of the Locanda degli Angeli website in
Via Cesare Battisti, 22 - Cassano Murge (Ba)

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