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Handmade Taralli 10 CEREALS of 400 gr.

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The 10 cereal taralli are a delicious variation of the classic taralli, enriched with a blend of selected cereals . These crunchy snacks offer a unique mix of flavors and a rustic note thanks to the presence of different types of grains.

Their characteristic ring shape is obtained by following an artisanal process which involves kneading, shaping and boiling before being cooked in the oven. The end result is a wonderful combination of crunchiness and light crumbliness.

Taralli with 10 cereals are a healthy and nutritious snack, ideal for a lifestyle attentive to the quality of ingredients. They are perfect to be enjoyed on their own, as an accompaniment to an aperitif or as an alternative to packaged snacks. You can also enjoy them with cheeses, cured meats or sauces, which will further enhance their complex flavours.

Thanks to the presence of cereals, taralli with 10 cereals offer a series of nutritional benefits. They are a source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, contributing to a balanced and healthy diet. Furthermore, being free of hydrogenated fats and preservatives, they are a conscious choice for the well-being of your body.

Whether you enjoy them alone or share their goodness with friends, 10-grain taralli are a tasty and nutritious option that will satisfy your cravings for a crunchy and flavorful snack.

The Ingredients :

Type 00 soft wheat flour, type 0 wheat, millet seeds, corn flour, barley, rye, durum wheat semolina, oat flakes, wheat flours: spelled, rice, wholemeal buckwheat, seeds of: sesame, flax , dried wheat pasta, malted wheat flour, soy flour, malted barley, malted wheat flour, soy lecithin 23%, white wine, high oleic sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, olive oil olive and salt.


Attention! there may be traces of sesame following possible contamination within the processing laboratory.

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Rosa Gastaldi

fragranti e genuini sono l’ideale in ogni ora della giornata il problema e che finiscono tutti mentre studio

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